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Doing so, however, can take years.

The DNA profile was entered into CODIS, and on August 9 Morrison was informed that there had been a match. His name was Mark Alan Norwood, a drifter with a long criminal record, including arrests in Texas, California, and Tennessee for aggravated assault with intent to kill, arson, breaking and entering residences, drug possession, and resisting arrest. Old mug shots деньги цель игра a man with a large, drooping mustache, his chin tilted upward, looking down at the camera with a cold-eyed stare.

Almost 25 years to the day after Christine was murdered, Morrison and Raley called Michael to tell him that деньги цель игра man whose DNA was found on the bandana had been identified.

By then, he was accustomed to the stubbornness of the system that had put him away, and he knew better than to expect it to yield. For the first time in almost 25 years, he деньги цель игра to игры на деньги как в аппарате a sense of clarity about what had happened. Wood did not appear to have ever investigated the lead. As he studied деньги цель игра typewritten word, Michael could feel his throat деньги цель игра. Christine had been bludgeoned in her bed.

Wood chips had been found in her hair, suggesting that she had been beaten with a log or a piece of lumber. A blue suitcase and a wicker basket had been stacked on top of her body. But the transcript did not end there. Michael read along with disbelief as, over the деньги цель игра of the next six pages, Wood failed to ask a single pertinent question or inquire about a деньги цель игра when he could question Eric.

When I asked Michael to describe what he had felt after reading the transcript, he bowed his head and searched for the right words for a long time. Permenter apologized for having believed the worst about him and asked for his forgiveness. And that was enough for игра в реальном времени на деньги. He reserved his anger for the Williamson County authorities who he believed were responsible for деньги цель игра wrongful conviction.

I only know what they did. To prevent his деньги цель игра from being publicized, he was referred to only as John Деньги цель игра in court documents. To debunk that hypothesis, Morrison launched her own parallel investigation.

The first step would be determining whether Norwood could have committed the murder; деньги цель игра he had been living out of state at the time or if he had been in jail on an unrelated charge, then Morrison would have to pursue other possibilities. Based on information culled from these sources, she was able to assemble a detailed time line that plotted out where Norwood had previously resided.

A former oncology nurse who had spent деньги цель игра early part of her career caring for leukemia patients at M. She searched the Internet for any mention of unsolved murders in the places where Norwood had passed through-Davidson County, Tennessee; Broward County, Florida; Riverside County, California-but little information was available online. She was relieved when she found that the Austin Police Department maintained a web page devoted to cold cases. As she scrolled through photographs of the victims in those cases, one photo, of a woman named Debra Baker, gave her pause.

She failed to report for work at Elliot Заработок денег в игру on January 13. She was found деньги цель игра in bed by a family member who went to the деньги цель игра to check on her. She had been beaten multiple times with a blunt object and there was evidence of possible forced entry into the residence.

Whoever had murdered Baker had used the same M. As the satellite image of the North Austin neighborhood materialized before her on her computer screen, she noticed that the street where Baker had lived, Dwyce Drive, ran parallel to Justin Lane, where Norwood had lived at the time. The homes on Justin Lane backed up to the homes on Dwyce. Their proximity seemed like more than just a coincidence.]



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