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Despite these hurdles, Scheck and Neufeld managed to win numerous exonerations, игры на 2 найти деньги 2 as news of their success spread, they were inundated with requests for help from across the country. While he waited for Scheck to get to his case, he secured a court order, with the help of Allison and another lawyer, to permit DNA testing of a semen stain found on the sheet of the bed where Christine had been murdered.

Michael still knew next to nothing about what had happened to his wife. He had returned home from work on the day she was killed to find their house overrun with law enforcement.

The walls and ceiling of their bedroom were spattered with blood. Because she had been in bed игры на 2 найти деньги 2 the time of the killing, in her nightgown, with the blinds closed, Michael believed that she had been attacked shortly after he left for work early that morning. But who had broken into his house and savagely beaten her was still a mystery, one he was игры на 2 найти деньги 2 to solve. The technology proved to be too primitive to yield a result on such a small sample, however, and two rounds of testing-first in 1991 and then in 1994-were inconclusive.

Michael obtained игра получай деньги court order to have the sheet retested. Staff attorney Nina Morrison-who, to date, has secured no fewer than twenty DNA exonerations-headed up the effort in New York; she tapped a Houston attorney named John Raley to serve pro bono чай игра с выводом денег her co-counsel.

At first glance, Raley was an unusual choice: he was a civil attorney-his specialty had long been medical malpractice defense-and he had never practiced criminal law before.

Raley, a six-foot-three former University of Игры на 2 найти деньги 2 offensive guard, had слоты ударение optimistic, almost wide-eyed view of how Williamson County would respond to the request for DNA testing.

Raley at his office in September 2012. Williamson County district attorney John Bradley, in November 2011.

Top: Williamson County district attorney John Bradley, in November 2011. After becoming Williamson County DA, Bradley issued press releases he drafted himself that publicized игры на 2 найти деньги 2 numerous convictions and often draconian sentences that his prosecutors лучшие игры на деньги в интернете. His unusually combative stance toward defendants was an easy fit in an office molded by Anderson.

He likes to be onstage more.

Though Anderson was no longer DA, his presence in the courthouse was still keenly felt. The motion would have to be игры на 2 найти деньги 2 with the original trial court where Michael had been sentenced, just down the hall from the courtroom where Anderson, игры на 2 найти деньги 2 a judge, presided. He let Bradley know that he came from a law enforcement family-his father, John Wesley Raley Jr.

One telling indication of his view on the matter came years later, in 2007, in a now-redacted thread on an игры на деньги покер forum for prosecutors that was discovered by Scott Henson, of the criminal justice blog Grits for Breakfast.]



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