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Игра казино онлайн бесплатно

Starting in the 1930s, Steve says long-haul trucking became highly, highly regulated. Prices were set not by supply and demand but by cartels of trucking companies. The federal government did have to sign off on those prices, but once they did that, that was it.

ROMER: On the labor side, up to that point, trucking unions had been this super localized thing. The игра казино онлайн бесплатно president, a guy by the name of Jimmy Hoffa, might have heard of him, he игра казино онлайн бесплатно truckers a great deal.

VISCELLI: Truckers made great wages, even better than unionized autoworkers and steelworkers at the time. So it was one of the игра казино онлайн бесплатно blue-collar jobs in the United States without a doubt. Regulation, government involvement in сайт для заработок денег на играх setting - these things were just costing consumers too much.

So Congress rewrites the rules. GONZALEZ: The government starts deregulating all kinds of industries сайты с заработком денег для игр telephone companies, airlines and trucking.

ROMER: Now, instead of trucking companies getting together and setting prices and the government signing игра казино онлайн бесплатно on it, the market is wide open. VISCELLI: Anybody could move anything anywhere. All you needed was a truck and a driver. And very quickly, rates plummeted. ROMER: All of a sudden, it got very, very hard to turn a profit as a trucking company.

VISCELLI: So the first thing you do is you get rid of expensive unionized labor.

A nonunionized игра казино онлайн бесплатно driver. Companies start making their drivers stay out on the road for longer stretches, weeks at a time. ROMER: To be clear, this did not happen in all sectors of the trucking industry. Just train them from scratch. SIKORSKI: Sometimes it would go as long as six weeks before I игра казино онлайн бесплатно to see a paycheck. GONZALEZ: A couple months in, Kimberley starts suspecting that the deal she signed up for is not a good one.

Her insurance, it has to come from Prime. Her gas, she has to pay for it using a Prime card. All the load she carries, dispatched to her by Prime. But the debt on her truck was still интернет заработок без вложений на играх с выводом денег up.

The clock was always ticking. ROMER: And remember that training Kimberley got from Prime, the truck video game simulator thing.

For Kimberley, that was thousands of dollars. GONZALEZ: So Kimberley feels trapped. Her friends are taking care of them while Kimberley is out on the road.]



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Игра казино онлайн бесплатно



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