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яндекс деньги для игры

Яндекс деньги для игры

GONZALEZ: Kimberley was in her 30s. She was a single mom with three sons, a high school diploma and basically nothing in the bank.

So in 2017 she игра на реальные деньги без обмана to reinvent her life.

ROMER: Играть онлайн казино буй wanted to make this new chapter of her life match up with her favorite part of the Bible.

SIKORSKI: Proverbs 31 is a Bible verse that I model my life after. I would have been fine with even making 30 at that point because Яндекс деньги для игры was only making half of that working three jobs. SIKORSKI: I imagined seeing the oceans and rivers and lakes and driving through forests and getting to kind of explore what was around me.

I really wanted to see green. That was my biggest goal at the time because I grew up around tumbleweed and dirt. ROMER: Kimberley found a trucking company called Prime - no relation to Amazon Prime. It runs thousands of trucks. GONZALEZ: And they яндекс деньги для игры a program specifically geared toward women drivers. They call them the Highway Diamonds. And Kimberley is like, Highway Diamonds sounds so nice. She calls up a number on the website, and immediately, they seem pretty eager to have her.

SIKORSKI: Literally, Яндекс деньги для игры think I called on a Thursday night, and they were ready to buy me a Greyhound ticket for Sunday to start on Monday.

ROMER: For a long time, being a long-haul trucker was a path to a middle-class life. But in the last few decades, the trucking business has transformed. GONZALEZ: Today on the show, a story about the open road, the chance to be your own boss and a truckload of debt. ROMER: In February of 2017 Kimberley Sikorski made her way to Springfield, Mo. SIKORSKI: We яндекс деньги для игры up to the hotel, which is called the Campus Inn, and it kind of looks like a shady hotel яндекс деньги для игры the wrong side of town.

And really, I felt like I was kind of in a circus because there are so many different people that - you just make a phone call, and then they ship you off to Springfield and say, come on.

ROMER: Training started fast - first day, bunch of classwork. Then she was going to learn how to drive a truck, an 80,000-pound semi, except she was not actually going игры деньги украсть drive a truck. She was going to take a яндекс деньги для игры on a fancy truck driving simulator.]



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